Thread: Making a CString map case insensitive

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    Making a CString map case insensitive


    I've tried to figure this out, but so far I haven't succeeded. I have a program that uses CStrings, and at one point there's a definition of a map: std::map<CString, CUser>
    Somewhere else in the program the map is being iterated. I want to make the map case insensitive so it will output every CString in the correct lexicographic order, no matter what case it's in.
    So when definining the map I now put std::map<CString, CUser, class Cmp = NoCase<CString>>. However I don't know how to define a lesser than compare operator for CStrings.

    I never used C-style strings before so I'm in the need of some help on how to solve this.
    Thanks a lot if you can help me out,


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    look up CString::CompareNoCase() at msdn or in your helpfiles. BTW this qualifies as windows programming so for mfc questions use the windows forum.
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    And the FAQ is here :-

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    However I don't know how to define a lesser than compare operator for CStrings.

    A comparison function for strings starts at the beginning of each string and examines each character's ascii code. What you could do is use tolower() to change each character in a string to lower case, and then use the comparison functions that are already defined for strings, e.g strcmp() for cstrings or <, =, or > for C++ string's.

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    Here is one I used:
     struct CStringCompareNoCaseLessThan
      bool operator()(const CString& lhs, const CString& rhs) const
       return lhs.CompareNoCase(rhs) < 0;
    typedef std::map<CString, CUser, CStringCompareNoCaseLessThan> mapNameToUser;

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    I'd suggest a class template. Override the < 'z' or > 'A' operators. Take my suggestion as incomplete. I need a cigaret.

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