Thread: what kind compiler should I use

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    what kind compiler should I use

    I just start learning c++, but I have programe in vb before but when I touch c++, the first reaction I have is what kind compiler should I use. I used VC++ 6.0,, DEVC++, Borland C++.
    and all the turoial I found is programming in C++, but all the softwares I make are in DOS mode how I make a windows one ( the one that have graphic buttons listbox etc.)

    all suggestion are welcome

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    One of the Borland IDEs i used worked in a similar way as Visual Basic where you were presented with a blank sheet and you could drag and drog listboxes, buttons, etc... onto the blank sheet whereever and then program them.. Have not used Visual .net, but I thought it worked in a similar way..

    Win32 API is what you can alternatively use to program Windows, Bunch of function calls supplied for setting up windows, boxes, and all the code associated with windows messages:

    ie. destroy window, mouse pressed, mouse released, ESC hit.. etc..

    As for compiler.. anyone will do.. Visual C++ 6 was my favorite..
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    Win32 is your alternative for windowed applications.

    But if you want to save time and code then you might want to check out MFC it also has wizards that basicly make the program for you.

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    but all the softwares I make are in DOS mode how I make a windows one
    That's called "windows programming", i.e. you want your program to exectute inside windows. First, windows programming is not easy. The windows operating system was written in C, so originally windows programming was done in C. But, then MS invented the MFC, which is a library of C++ classes that removes a lot of the drudgery involved with doing Windows programming in C.

    VC++6 compiler is all set up to do windows programming with the MFC. It has several different editors contained in it, and depending on what you are trying to do, the correct editor presents itself. However, unless you are experienced with C++, you probably won't understand windows programming with the MFC, but if you are still interested in learning, seek out tutorials on "windows programming".
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    Hi, I use DevC++, which in mu oppionion (sorry cant spell)
    is one of the best compilers, it has got rid of all the old syntax from C like #include <iostream.h> and used the more updated methods that remove the headers or the (.h) from most headers, apart from windows.h and conio.h and a few others. It is easy to use, and the compiler errors are explainec in english, not alien! It is a good basic and user friendly compiler, and I have created a few good apps and games using it. it is open to open GL, which is used for most games

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    I recommend Dev-Cpp too. Go to File-> New-> Project... choose Windows Application.

    There you go, now to program it. Its a bit different than VC because in that you can drag and drop stuff. In this its real code programming.

    You should probably learn some C++ before going into these next tutorial links, in fact you should learn C++ well before doing it so you dont waste much time on your fancy windows application. Its called Win32 programming btw, search google.

    - (explains the code for that Dev-Cpp app)
    - (two tutorials on that page)

    Those are all Win32 with C++ programming (some tutorials for Win32 use C instead).
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    so I have to learn win32 before I learn c++ ? if that is true then I think I have to give up to learn it because my major is not computer

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    You don't have to learn Win32 before you learn C++, in fact you probably have to learn C++ before you learn Win32. Win32 is like an extension of C++ - it's a library. It changes the programming style a lot, but in order to understand what you're doing, you need to have a good understanding of the C++ constructs.

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    This thread is way out of control.


    Out of all compilers available for Windows, Visual C++ 6 and Visual Studio.Net are right out. They're outdated and non-compliant.

    Choices are Visual Studio.Net 2003 (costly), Borland C++ Builder (costly), Bloodshed Dev-C++ (free). Those are IDEs. Command line compilers are the MS C++ tools (free), the Borland C++ compiler (free) or a GCC port (MinGW or Cygwin, free).

    As for your last question, you have to learn C++ first. The point is that you can't just jump into graphical programming. It's too complicated. Stay with the console programs. Once you've got a good hold on C++, you can go on to Win32 or whatever windowing library you want: MFC comes with Visual Studio, VCL with Borland. Dev-C++ works best with wxWindows, I think, but GTK-- is definitely an option.

    Borland's IDE provides full graphical UI design, based on the VCL. MS's IDE provides mainly a dialog editor, which can be used in plain Win32, but in order to connect events and such you need to use MFC. Via MFC's CFormView class you can also use these dialogs very much like forms in VB. Dev-C++ provides a dialog editor as well, but no direct support for attaching events and similar. However, I believe it's possible to use the Glade interface editor for that.
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    Thank you very much, it is now very clear what I suppose to learn first
    console program - windows dialog program
    dev c++ for start - borland or vc for next

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