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    resident evil

    if anybody has played the resident evil games, you may be able to help...

    I know the advancement in how the game was programmed is beyond my abilities at this present time, but, where the zombies are placed and programmed, is that done by somthing called "EVENT PROGRAMMING?" it is somthing I am intrested in getting to know how to do, and another thing, do I have the title of the function correct, this type of programing applys to almost evrey game, or is it AI programming?

    Any suggestions greatly recived!

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    Learn C++...

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    you need:

    1.) lots of money for software and books
    2.)lack of social life
    3.)items 1 and 2

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    I do think it is done using event programming, something basically as when you press a button of the keyboard in your computer and it displays a letter. When in the game you open a door you trigger an event and it may act as:
    When (Door31.isOpen==True)
    ZombieAlfa = new Zombie;;
    it is just an idea of how it might work. I know event programming in Java and it is something like that, it may not change that much for games ;-)

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    Yeah, within the regular checks done on every visible object within each frame (or every n frames), each object also has its event conditions checked.
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    You could do "event programming" in many languages.. and I'd say most games are programmed in C++.. so as the first response said "learn C++". However you cant just learn one aspect of C++ called "event programming".. though you could specialize in it (even though that parts just a lot of imputting data, not really as some complex as other categories).

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