Thread: Full name with space??

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    Full name with space??

    Hi, im writting a text game, and when the user inputs the name, I would like the whole name to appear after it has been entered, like BILL BATES not just BILL.

    Do I still use cin >>??

    I have heard it has somthing to do with streams, but I am unsure on how to do this, as none of the tutorials have been any help on this subject

    thanks for the help in advance

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    Use the getline function:

    With char buffers:
    char name[50];
    Or with strings:
    string name;
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    Do I still use cin >>??
    cin>> is programmed to read input until it encounters a whitespace character(spaces, tabs, newlines). So, it can't read in two names separated by a space all in one go.

    However, there is a funtion called getline(), which can read in a whole line of input. A line of input is deemed to end when getline() encounters a newline character in the input. A newline character is entered into the input when the user hits Enter after typing in the data. For instance, if the user types:

    Michael Jordan

    and then hits Enter, the input looks like this:

    Michael Jordan\n

    getline() will read everything up to and including the \n, and then getline() will discard the \n, so the input read into your string variable will be:

    Michael Jordan
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