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    .net is merely an environment. It is managed coding. A lot of featurers have been automated for you, especially windows programming. The logic is the same for c++ and .net. Syntactically c++ and vary a bit here and there. For instance in .net coding you do not include iostream.
    int n;
    cout<<"Input N: "; cin>>n;
    int  n;
    Console::Write(S"Input N: ") //Reads a string;
    n=Int32::Parse(Console::ReadLine()); //Parse =string to int
    Console::WriteLine(S"{0}", n.ToString() ); //Convert int to string {0} spacing
    int a[10];
    int b[2] [3];
    //Manged code allows for the compiler to do garbage collection
    Int32 a[] = new Int32 [10]; 
    Int32 b[,] = new Int32[2,3];
    These are just few of the basic differences. The real value of .net comes in windows programming.

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    Naaah. Btw, the above posts, talking about subsets and supersets mean nothing to the VB Programmer. >.< Give me a few weeks, and I'll know I guess
    Nope. You probably won't encounter the terms "subset" or "superset" in any C++ book. They are mathematical terms which are sometimes used in everyday language.

    If you have a group of things(called "a set" in mathematics) like this:

    apple, banana, strawberry

    then a smaller group of things:

    apple, strawberry

    which is completely contained in the first group is called a subset of the first group. A larger group of things like:

    apple, banana, strawberry, orange, pear

    which completely contains a smaller group is a superset of the smaller group. In other words, a subset is a portion of a group, and a superset is a group with some things added to it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 7stud
    C++ is the Ferrari of computer languages.

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