Thread: Compiler seg fault

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    A sugestion... or not since your gcc is a bit old.. send your source to gcc bugzilla. Let's see if that bug has already, or not, been corrected.

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    I found that the seg fault occurs because of the function call, not because of the assignment. I changed it a bit so that:
    double buffer = Score(actual, data);
    This causes the compiler to crash still.

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    I find these statements at odds.
    Quote Originally Posted by Buckshot
    actual is a struct passed by reference to the function, data is also a struct.
    I've checked to make sure that score is a member, and it is.
    The Score function's declaration looks like:
    double Score(AEE addeff, datavar data);
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    Whoa, thanks. Its supposed to be passed by reference. Missed the '&'.
    However, I'm still getting the seg fault.
    The declaration was supposed to be:
    double Score(AEE &addeff, datavar &data);
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