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    C++ GUI Question

    I created a program using VS.Net and it's easy GUI creation. However, any computers I want to run my program on must have the .Net architecture installed, which is a major pain. If I create a program using MFC instead, will I have a similar problem (any architecture installed) or can I run the progam on any windows computer without having to install something first?


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    It should work having to install anything.

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    The program would still require MFC DLLs.

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    If you do a static linking of MFC app, you won't need any other files installed, but you might end up with a really big executable. If you do a dynamic linking, you may need to install some dlls on target machine

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    You might get a better answer on the Windows forum.

    I don't have .NET, but isn't there a way to use the "easy GUI" tools, and then compile as regular non-managed "stand-alone" code???

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    No, there isn't, because the easy GUI tools use the .Net Framework classes.
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