Thread: C++ graphics on g++ compiler

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    C++ graphics on g++ compiler

    The g++ compiler gives the error "No such file or directory" for "include<graphics.h>". I haven't programmed using the g++ compiler before. Please tell me how to write C++ graphics programs for the g++ compiler. Also, while using turboc we specify

    initgraph(&gd, &gm, "c:\\turboc3\\bgi " );

    What is the g++ equivalent of this?


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    It's not part of any standard, and GNU GCC does not provide it. It's some old legacy header used by the Borland compilers for creating DOS programs.

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    C++ graphics on g++ compiler

    Thanks, Is there any way I can plot a pixel in case I am using g++ compiler?

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    There are many ports of gcc to windows, which one are you using?

    If it's dev-c++, then simply get the "libsdl" package, then visit for FAQs and tutorials.
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