Thread: improving input (replacing "cin")

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    improving input (replacing "cin")

    is there a way to input values without having to use "Enter"?
    I've heard of getch and cin.get but don't know how to use them. Any advice?

    for example, how can I replace the cin with getch or cin.get?


    int array[10], x;
    //do I do something like cin.get(array[x]); or something?


    also, what is the ASCII code for Backspace, if there is any.

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    #include conio.h
    char KeyInput = getch();

    //at least i think its conio.
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    correction in code:

    for(x=0;x<9;x++) //forgot that it begins at array[0]

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    Yeah, you should use getch();. That is better, and it doesn't return the input on the screen unless you print it manually, which is usually a good thing.
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    even better...

    check if the keyboard buffer has something, and if so, return the scan code and ascii in a short int... [16 bits of space...] else return zero... this way, you get to do other things if no input occurs, since you don't have to wait... plus you get scan and ascii codes so you can do special keyboard presses which aren't mapped in ascii... the scan codes let you use the keyboard's keys more like buttons rather than assigned keys...
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    there seems to be a problem with the following code. when I input the values, the values don't get show up until the loop terminates. why is that? is there a solution to correct this?

    also, how do I change the array to a pointer? when I use "int *array", an error occurs when the loop executes.

    //using MSVC++ 6.0
    int main()

    array[10], //seems like getch() only works with int types
    array[x] = getch();

    {return 0;}

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