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    Question Where to now....?

    I've finished reading a C++ book for begginers about most of the basic elements in c++ programming and now I'm a bit confused on what to move on to. I've been experimenting a little with VGA graphics (is that really worth learning?).
    So what would be good to move on to? VGA? Some general windows programming? OpenGl?
    Any good books/tutorials that would suit someone who has just passed the begginer stadium?
    I don't really have any goal for my programming (like "I wanna make cool 3d games" or something), just want to learn as much as possible

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    Try to get in as much experience with the simple command line as possible. Get a book on data structures or alogorithms or something you consider to be medium-beginner/high-beginner level. Either that or just go for something that looks incredibly intersting to you that you really wanna try out. After that move onto the Windows API.

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