Thread: Kosher or Leaky?

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    Kosher or Leaky?

    Does this code leak memory, or is the allocated vector object cleaned up?
    void func(vector <int> veccie)
        if(veccie.empty()) cout << "Empty" << endl;
        else cout << "size: " << veccie.size() << "\t veccie[0]: " << veccie[0] << endl;
    int main(int argc, char *argv[])
        func(vector <int> (4, 23));
        return 0;
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    No memory leak. The destructor for std::vector cleans up after itself.

    An example of the type of memory leak I think you were hinting at:
    void foo(int* p) {
       std::cout << *p << std::endl;
       // delete p; is never called, and the only [see main] reference to this pointer is lost
       // when this function returns.
    int main( ) {
       foo(new int);
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