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    Unhappy advanced grafics


    I am writing c++ for 6 months now, but I know a lot of java (objects,awt,swing,applets) so my problem is that I don't know how to make advanced grafics in c/c++... I tried OpenGL(glut.h) but I found only windows shapes and menus. Does anyone knows where I can find buttons, lists, trees, imges, text components, radiobutton,....
    Note that I am writing in g++ on Linux and I don't want visual studios or something like that.


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    graphics in C++ comes in two major flavors, graphical user interfaces---making windows, and graphics for games, pictures, etc. Neither flavor is included in standard C++ and therefore all solutions are proprietary, even if some products predominate. buttons, text components, radiobuttons and such are part of graphical user interfaces and can be found in such places as Windows API or MFC, Borland, Linux, etc. Lists and trees are part of the Standard Template Library available with most newer compilers, or you could use proprietary libraries, or you could make your own, and some graphical user interfaces may have components to represent lists and trees visually (don't know that for sure though). Incorporating images into your program is also proprietary and not standardized in the language and is accomodated by using the Windows API, MFC, Borland, Linux, etc.
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    I'm guessing he meant listviews and treeviews.

    On Linux, there are plenty of options for GUI libraries. There is gtk, Qt, wxWidgets, FLTK, and FOX Toolkit, to name a few.
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