Thread: seg-faulting w/linked list but dont know why

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    seg-faulting w/linked list but dont know why

    For some reason when doing anything with my linked lists I am getting a seg-fault. All of my linked list functions check to see if the head is NULL before adding or doing anything in the list to prevent seg-faults but for some reason that check in itself is causing the seg fault. Hopefully my code can clarify that...

    void Laundry::addClean(Clothing c){
       if(c_head == NULL){
                 c_head = new node<Clothing>(c, NULL);
          c_tail->setLink(new node<Clothing>(c, NULL));
          c_tail = c_tail->link();
    that is where I am getting the seg-fault... and in any other function that uses if(some_head == NULL). in my last project I was having this same problem and it was because I had typed if(some_head = NULL). this time tho I have no idea what is wrong. My pointer is declared in laundry.h like this:

               node <Clothing> * c_head;
               node <Clothing> * c_tail;
    And my template node class:

    template <class T>
    class node{
             node(){linkfield = NULL;}
             node(T d, node *lf){datafield = d; linkfield = lf;}
      T data(){return datafield;}
      node * link(){return linkfield;}
      void setData(T d){datafield = d;}
      void setLink(node *lf){linkfield = lf;}
               T datafield;
                node *linkfield;
    I've been at this for a while so maybe it's just something I'm not seeing and a fresh set of eyes will help. At any rate thanks for looking

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    Your Laundry constructor(s) need to make sure c_head and c_tail are NULL
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