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    scripts files

    i want to build a program which can load script files.
    the script files will tell it to open window, send data through winsock - anything. for example: script for sending message will tell the program to open dialog box for the input text and then send the text.
    the scripts should be on seperate files so i can release new scripts that can be used by the program instead of changing the program itself.
    i need ideas on how it suppose to be done (not exactly the code - just the general idea).

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    Well the first step is to write out the grammar for your script. How complicated you make this is up to you.

    window <title> [,<position]
    open <address|url>
    open and window are keywords
    window has a title, and an optional position
    open has an address or a URL

    A simple line-oriented parser (one keyword and associated parameters per line) is simple enough to roll your own parser. But anything complex (say loops, block structure, variables, functions, ...) you'd probably be looking at lex and yacc (or flex and bison)
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