Thread: questions about memory?

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    questions about memory?

    1) I know static memory is released automatically when the object goes out of scope and I know dynamic memory doesn't go out of scope but must be released explicitly. However, can static memory be release on demand, explicitly, or must you rely on scope to release it?

    2) When loading a program into my computer the program often says "needs X mB of RAM". Is that X amount of RAM needed to store all the variables, functions, virtual tables, etc used in the program? If so, how do I determine how much RAM my programs "require"? I know the amount of RAM needed for my programs at this time is an insignificant amount of memory compared to whats available in RAM on most computers these days at this point, but I'm still curious.
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    I know static memory is released automatically when the object goes out of scope
    Static memory is released only when the program ends.
    Perhaps you're thinking about stack memory?

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    2) To check how much RAM your program uses you can use the Task Manager, that is if you are running Windows (at least XP should work). You then check Processes (I think that is the word), then you see a column named Memory Usage (or something similar).
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    Depending on your compiler, you may have a few tools available to you handle how stack memory is handled. These are usually called memory intrinsics, and usually aren't even documented.

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    Thanks for your input everybody.
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