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    template trouble


    I've encountered a problem concerning templates, perhaps someone knows how to fix this..

    I have a template class "template<class T> class myclass"
    this class has a memberfunction that is supposed to take as a parameter an instance of the class:

    template<class T> ret myclass<T>::myfunc( myclass<T> )

    so far so good.. but now for the part I don't get.. The functions parameter is to be the class with an arbitrary type .. not necessarily the type of the 'this' class...

    something like this.. just to make you see what I wan't..

    template<class T, class T1> ret myclass<T>::myfunc( myclass<T1> )

    The above statement doesn't do the trick so how should I write..

    - Anders

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    If you want the class to have two template types you have to put both of them every time you refer to to the class name. So adding a second template type won't work, because each instantiation would still have its arguments be of its own type anyway.

    I think the easiest thing to do would just to put up with multiple overloads and try this:

    template<class T> ret myclass<T>::myfunc( myclass<int> )

    template<class T> ret myclass<T>::myfunc( myclass<float> )

    template<class T> ret myclass<T>::myfunc( myclass<double> )

    ... and so on.

    Also, most compilers let you template individual member functions. (The one I was using this summer didn't, though.) So there might be a slightly more advanced way as well.
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