Thread: Help a vb Programmer with some directshow code?

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    Help a vb Programmer with some directshow code?

    Please can you help.

    What I'd like to do is this:

    Have a directshow filter that can plug in anywhere in a filtergraph and port the instantaneous peak volume level to vb, so I can make a vu meter in visual basic.

    I understand you cannot do this in vb alone, so, perhaps with some help, I can make a dll in C to "talk" to vb to do just this.

    Im not too worried about the graphical interface of the meter (I can do tis in vb) but i somehow need to have a number that is updated regularly to reflect the changes in the peak (or rms) level of the audio stream.

    Any ideas/sample code etc?

    Or am i going about this all wrong?

    Perhaps there`s an easier way!

    Thanks for reading my post

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    Sorry don't know the answer but I've been looking for this too for a while. And I have an additional question. Is it possible control the bass, treble, etc.. tones with directshow? So I can suppress the high or low tones. I figure if you can catch the value of these tones, you must be able to change them.



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    Thanks maes

    Well I sorta know the answer to your question, but i dont know if you mean is it possible in C or vb

    As i understand it, you alter the bass/treble etc by using filters in a directshow filter. Confusing, huh?

    I mean FFT filters..analogous to the low-pass and high pass filters in electronics, if you get my drift.

    Try a search on FFT filters to see if that helps.

    Meanwhile, I gonna research this some more - it seems to be quite a sticky problem to which, so far, noone has the answer.

    Youd think it would be simple to make a directX plugin vu meter.....????? Heh!

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    Thx CliffRichard

    I'll do some research on those FFT filters. to anwser your question, I want to do this c.

    What are you making?
    I'm basicly trying to recreate winamp (I'm at a very early stage )

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    Im just trying to make a directshow player that is fully customisable; with two or three players on the screen at any one time.

    Thats why I cant be doing with these Waveout meters; i need individual meters for each player!


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