Thread: ZeroMemory() == memset() ?????????

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    ZeroMemory() == memset() ?????????

    Wondering if these two function accomplish the same task or not? Just wanted to clarify before I run into possible problems down the road.

    ZeroMemory( &d3dpp,sizeof(d3dpp));

    equivalent to

    memset(&d3dpp, 0, sizeof(d3dpp));


    thnx for any clarification.

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    yes, they do

    I'm not sure, but I think I remember ZeroMemory being a macro containing a memset.
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    It is, on 32 bit system. winnt.h contains a line like
    #define ZeroMemory(p, sz) memset((p), 0, (sz))
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    memset() is far more portable than the other one.
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    Thanks for the info...

    I decided to go with memset() as I had used it before, but considering the examples showed ZeroMemory() I was unsure if I was messing something up...

    good to know they are the same and I can stick with memset().

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