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    incremental save

    Hi, I`m a beginner in c/c++. I wrote a program with MSVC with allegro library which draws some graphics and then saves it from a buffer to a bitmap file. I want to save incremental filename bmp like 0000.bmp , 0001.bmp 0002.bmp etc. with an animation but I dont seem to find any references to how to do it. So could you please help me?

    I thought that something like this might do the job but it faild:

    string my_string1 = a_int_variable
    string my_string2 = ".bmp";
    string my_string3 = my_string1 + my_string2;
    save_bitmap(my_string3, theBuffer, desktop_palette);
    I use to code with proce55ing in which, to do this kind of job i just have to write saveFrame("name-####.tga"); to get name-0001.tga , name-0002.tga etc.

    is there any simple way to do this? (sorry if my english is bad)


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    wsprintf would do this
    int FrameNumber=0;
    char FileName[MAX_PATH];
    wsprintf(FileName, "%03d.bmp", FrameNumber);

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    thx for the respnse.

    wsprintf declared in Winuser.h and included in Windows.h,

    after trying to compile the code i get " : error C2371: 'BITMAP' : redefinition; different basic types" because BITMAP seems to appear in windows.h and in allegro.h

    how can I use wsprintf and allegro library without this conflict?

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    Why bother? Just use sprintf or the string class.

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    Thank you very much!

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