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    Hi. I've been on and off programming stupid things in C++ for the last few years. I learned a bunch about 4 years ago, but since I only work on it every now and then, things slip my memory. Most of the stuff I relearn and find stuff on the internet, but I can't find anything simple and short that will show me how to do matrices again. (I'm impatient and lazy). If anyone could just post a small example of making a 3by3(tic tac toe) matrix maybe, how do display it on the win32 console, and then a quick explaination of how it works, or anything that I would need to know to go a little farther, that would be awsome.

    Thanks, Idit.
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    Try writing writing a magic square generator. That is a program that creats a n x n magic square. A square is considered magic if the sum of the rows, columns,and diagnols equals the same number.

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    If they can't figure out how to make a two dimensional array, do you really think they can make a magic square generator?

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