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    How many languages

    To serve a purpose of game creating, and anti/hack (as in good and bad) (for game purposes), what languages should I learn.
    I mean, I've learnt 2, C/C++ and im moving to C#, but then these people, (programmers), are telling me to learn "winapi" and "win32" and "assembly" and i'm like, oh and would you like me to talk French in a Jamacan accent as well?

    Please advice me in the right steps.

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    >>I mean, I've learnt 2, C/C++

    judging by some of your other posts, you've barely scratched the surface of C/C++. Maybe you should just stick to one language to get more comfortable with programming concepts. Then learning new languages is much easier.

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    Esperanto... definitely.

    On another note, WinAPI/Win32 is just that... an API (application programming interface), so, it isn't a language, but rather a library (an interface for dealing with the system). For now, make sure you've got C and C++ down really well. Don't complicate things by throwing too much in the mix.
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    Sure the C/C++ language syntax isn't that hard to learn and you can learn it rather quickly. But to truly master the programming techniques and such, you have to practice... and practice and practice.

    And WinAPI is the windows API, used in your programming to interface witht he windows OS. You'll need to learn that for any windows programming

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    I guess you want to be programming for Windows as thats the target platform for most games.

    You need to be good in C/C++
    You need to be good in WinAPI
    You need to be good in DirectX ( or something similar, maybe OpenGL )

    To create hack protection or things like Punkbuster or other programs you need to be really good and somewhat tricky getting to work and work around the WinAPI. I have seen programs like those and if you really want to make something like this, I'd guess that the helpfulness of this board stops at about 50% short of your goal.

    But I don't think you reached that limit yet. Just go ahead and learn more C/C++

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    what I have to add is a little similar: it doesn't really matter how many languages you know if you don't know any of them well... I've learned VB6,VB.NET,HTML,JavaScript,Java,PHP,PERL, and C/C++, but only really know enough of HTML and C/C++ to be confident with them. with the other languages I usually rely heavily on references.

    admittedly, I'm sometimes very modest, but when I look at some of the code that professionals write, I realize that I have much more to learn in all languages, and know that learning more about any language is, and always will be, an ongoing process.

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