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    STLPort with Dinkumware


    I've this problem: I've developed a project using STLPort 4.6.2 as template library, and all works fine. Now I must link with a third party static library that was compiled with dinkumware stl. Now, as I have only the lib files and the headers (not the source), when I try to link my project with these libs I get a bounch of link errors... I've seen that not all of the calls to the library funcions won't link, and I suspect that only the calls to the functions in wich the parameters are prefixed with "std::" are not able to link. I've asked to the producer of this library if someone had the same problem, and he told me that someone had resolved it by using the right #ifdef - #define combinations, but he couldn't tell me what are they.
    Has anyone any clue?

    many thanks

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    If you have to pass STL objects to/from the library, then you'll have to use the exact same STL implementation - and really know what you're doing. Which is why is shouldn't be done.

    What "third party" library is this?


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