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    I need a bit of help with a program that i need to write. So if you could help, it would be greatly appriciated....

    I need to write a program including the following.
    *Take input of 5 names
    *display the longest name
    *display the shortest name
    *Display names in alphabetical order
    *search from a name and display an appropriate message.

    Thanx people

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    Welcome to the board. I think you will find the site useful if you follow a few simple rules.

    First, most members of the board try not to provide full solutions to homework problems. On the other hand, many members are willing to look at your work and offer suggestions, answer specific questions when provided specific problems, etc. This provides the best learning environment for everyone. So, give the project your best shot. If you run into problems post specific questions, pertinent code, pertinent error messages with appropriate code being flagged, etc.

    Second, if you post specific code beware of the need for code tags. Descpription of the use of same can be found in the sticky posts at the top of this board.

    Again, welcome.
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