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    Network Library

    Hi once again,

    Last time it was an audio library, this time it is a network library.

    I need a cross-platform, GPL-compatible networking library. Ideally, it would be properly object-oriented. (I already wrapped IJG's jpeglib in an object wrapper for this project, I don't fancy wrapping another library.)

    Cross-platform: Absolutely must work on
    x86 Win32
    (x86_64 Win64) (should be pretty much automatic given the others)
    x86 Linux
    x86_64 Linux
    Mac OS X

    Should work on *BSD and pretty much every CPU architecture.
    All the buzzt!

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    socket, bind, accept, listen, connect, select, send, sendto, recv, recvfrom, close or closesocket, and others, all exist on win32 and posix. the only diferences are calling WSAStartup and WSACleanup on win32, and probably one or another parameter which can easily be overrun by some macros.

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