Thread: The statement that could ruin my life.

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    The statement that could ruin my life.

    Please answer this question thoroughly.
    To be a good programmer, (make games), etc. do you "Have to devote your life to programming".
    Because I want to be a buisness man and a soccer player. Do I have to quit to become good at programmer.
    Thanks alot, your answer will help me make a good decisions


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    No. You do not have to devote your life to programming to be good at it. You have to be very smart, or you just have to be little smart and work hard. You will still have time to be a soccer player and possibly a business man depending on your talents. Don't get married, though. Then you will have time for none of the above.

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    I usually compare learning to program with learning to play a musical instrument. You wouldn't have to totally give-up your other activities become a good guitar player, but it would take some commitment. And, you might learn to play a simple song in a few weeks, but it's going to take at least a year before anyone wants to listen to you play.

    Most professional programmers have a 4-year degree in computer science, math, engineering, or one of the traditional sciences.

    Most of us here at seem to be self-taught and self-learning students and hobbyists. But, there are quite a few computer science students and professional programmers too. (I'm in the middle. I've taken programming classes, but never a C++ class. I'm mostly a hobbyist, but I've written a few programs for work.)

    The really bad news is that no matter how good you are at programming, you cannot write a commercial quality game by yourself. Commercial games have thousands of man-hours of programming, and thousands more man-hours of support/overhead time. Imagine a small team of 10 programmers working on a game for 2 years.... That's one person for 20 years!!! And, each member of the team has different skills and expertise. Microsoft's big programs have a few thousand man-years of programming. (I don't know if any games have that much effort behind them.)

    Now the good news. A lone programmer can make an interesting game or other useful program. There are tons of "shareware" programs available on the Internet that are written and distributed by a single programmer.

    RTFL, Daved
    Actually, I remember when I went back to "night school", another (married) student told me when he was "locked-up" studying he heard one of his kids ask "Mommy, where's daddy?" ...Yeah, a family can make "extra" activities more difficult.
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    You have failed the first rule of becoming a programmer:

    Read the rules and search the dang board.

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