Thread: Bug favour needed re: C++ Program

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    Bug favour needed re: C++ Program

    I am about ot start programming using C++. I haven't used C++ since a left university.

    Can someone be so kind into post up or email me some code for a Business Program they've programmed. One that can store a lot of data to a txt file, retrieve and edit it, also printing would be helpful. An order taking program would be great, with stock counting facility, etc..

    As I know how to program, just a little rusty on the commands and a base to start writing my program would be ideal.

    Email me at:

    x nicole

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    We'd be more than happy to help you solve any area you're stuck on, but please don't ask us to write your program for you. It may surprise you, but we do have better things to do.

    My best code is written with the delete key.

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    Ahh, sorry I sound a bit lazy, but it would really help me get back into programing, as my Father needs a program for his business. And it is likely to be the only programming I ever do again.


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