Thread: C++ TURBO BORLANDS 4.5 for windows

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    Unhappy C++ TURBO BORLANDS 4.5 for windows

    Does anyone know where I can download,Borlands c++ turbo 4.5 for windows or something similar?

    and doesnt 4++ in c++ language mean 4+1?
    making this.....sales*=4++ mean the same as.......sales=(sales*4)+1?

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    >sales*=4++ mean the same as.......sales=(sales*4)+1?

    This should be written:

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    It's not available for download. But you can buy it at Best Buy or a similar store for about $30. It comes in the C Programming Starter Kit - big ugly yellow box - also comes with Sams 24 Teach Yourself C in 24 hours book.

    If you want a free compiler go to and get DJGPP or sign up for Borland's community, go to the musuem and download Turbo C++ 1.01. Not new tech by any means, but it is a compiler with an IDE and mouse support as well.

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