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    Module thread Programming


    Im am developing a client server simulation.
    In the simulation there will be a number of clients and servers communicating with each other.
    I want each client to run as a seperate module, like in its own thread for example.

    I was thinking of having a client class, and i would create an instance of the class for each client. Is is possible then to run each class instance in a different thread?


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    Hi Kirk.

    Multi-threading is no C++ language feature. You need to use system libraries to
    this. However, current Linux or Win32 versions have excellent multi-threading
    support. Use Google to find information about "POSIX threads" or check out the
    MSDN for CreateThread().

    PS: I am currently listening to "Harvester of Sorrow". Kirk, this was one of your
    finest work! ;-)

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