Thread: need website on cpp exercises

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    need website on cpp exercises

    i just started learning c++. i have a number of books but none have any problems for me to work out. could someone recommend a website where i can find some intresting questions.

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    Well there are plenty of questions posted on the board here - why not try some of them for yourself.

    I'm not suggesting you do other peoples homework, but doing the question just to know that you can is worthwhile in itself.

    The true test of understanding is to be able to easily explain it to someone else, so if you think you can answer a question, feel free to have a go
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    You could check out the Web pages for college courses. Here's one to get you started:

    They'll generally have lectures and assignments.

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    It's not a website, but...

    One of the things I liked ablut Teach Yourself C+ in 21 Days, by Jesse Liberty, was the way it was structured for self-study. There are questions & exercises at the end of each "day", with answers & solutions in the back.

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    Try a google search.

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