Thread: I need help plz!

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    I need help plz!

    Hi. I am a complete newb and need help. I am trying to get this so that if the number stored as gendernum is less then or equal to 50 to store girl under the variable gender. And if gendernum is over 50 to store boy under the variable gender. This is the code that I using:
    f (gendernum<=50) {
      char gender[5]="girl";
      if (gendernum>50) {
         char gender[5]="boy";
    But when I use the program i get weird charcters displayed instead. What should i do to correct this?

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    Well if you also have char gender[5] at some outer scope, and you're attempting to assign an array, then it isn't going to work.

    strcpy( gender, "girl" );
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    Thanks Salem it worked perfectly.

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