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    hello! how can i convert unsigned char a[4] to unsigned long. Point is that i need to convert pixel, wich is defined as long to four subpixels and then back again.

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    The IMO simplest way is using a union:
      unsigned char a[4];
      unsigned long l;
    } conv;
    Just assign to one, read the other.

    The other way is casting pointers:
    unsigned long l = *reinterpret_cast<unsigned long *>(a);
    The third way uses shifts (this is the one where you can control endianness):
    unsigned long l = a[0] | a[1] << 8 | a[2] << 16 | a[3] << 24;
    In all cases, remember that on my Athlon64, gcc will have 8-byte longs, so the result might not be what you expect. If your compiler has it, include <stdint.h> and use uint32_t instead. This header is part of the C99 standard. If it doesn't have it, or you just want to be portable, include <boost/cstdint.hpp> from the Boost libraries. It defines the same types, but in the boost namespace.
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       unsigned long num;
       num = *reinterpret_cast< unsigned long * >(&a);

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