Thread: trapping control character in getline

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    trapping control character in getline

    I have a text input system that recognises and includes white spaces, however for formatting reasons i want to include the option to inlclude a new line and it still to be recognised as the same array.

    My code is as follows
    //setup etc
    char TextString[256];
    cin.getline(TextString, 256);

    this works and gets the string with spaces but i want the users to be able to add a new line - pressing enter enters the text. I am stuck, please help
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    istream::getline takes three parameters, the third of which is the delimeter. By default it is '\n' so istream::getline returns when it encounters a getline. Change this to whatever you want your delimeter to be to have it end then:
    char TextString[256];
    cin.getline(TextString, 256, 'x'); // Stores any characters from cin in TextString until an 'x' is encountered.
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