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    Secure Instant Messaging

    I'm building a Secure Instant Messenger. If you have references, links, books, anything related please post them.

    Thanks you.

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    Good luck. But do you have a specific question?

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    You said "I'm building", but you really mean "I am about to build" or "I want to build" dont you?? You want a reference? I'd say have a look at the feature sets of all the well known IM clients out there, find out what security mechanisms they use, what networks they support, etc.

    When you have that information, you then have a starting point which will allow you to determine what you need to implement. When you get to that point, you're (possibly) ready to start work on the code itself, depending on how good you are Generally someone who's good at programming and is solid enough to start work on a relatively complex program like an IM client don't generally give themselves names that include the word "newbie". So my guess is that you're new to coding, and you have a bit to learn (a seasoned coder probably wouldn't ask this kind of question in this manner). If I'm right, I'd suggest starting smaller, and learning from the ground up. If I'm wrong (which I'd be suprised about in this case), then completely ignore me

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