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    netonotisr inor (insertion sort)

    Trying to come up with a good algorithm for an insertions sort.. singly linked list..

    Function will accept the head node to a list.. locate the highest and second highest nodes of a list (in this case based on the "priority" attribute.) Just want to know from people who have already ventured into this realm if I am on the road to success... Kinda having second thoughts on how to perform the actual swapping of nodes..

    //Insertion Sort
    void priority_sort(Node* head_ptr)
    	Node *higher, *lower, *current, *temp;	
    	unsigned int elimination;
    	bool sorted = true;
    	temp = head_ptr;
    	if(head_ptr && head_ptr->next)
    		//Test for Sorted (Ascending Order)
    		while(temp && sorted)
    			current = temp;
    			temp = temp->next;
    			if(current->priority > temp->priority)
    				sorted = false;
    			current = head_ptr;
    			temp	= head_ptr->next;
    			higher  = NULL;
    			//Locate Highest & 2nd Highest 
    				lower   = NULL;
    				if(current->priority > temp->priority && temp->priority < elimination)
    						lower = higher;
    					higher = current;
    				elimination = lower->priority;
    			//Swap Highest and 2nd Highest Nodes
    				temp   = lower;
    				higher = lower;
    				lower  = temp;
    			//Handle case of last iteration
    			if(!lower && higher)
    				temp = head_ptr;
    				head_ptr = higher;
    				higher = temp;
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