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    Newbie Question

    I have some knowledge about C++ (not really, I took a class in college and have read alot of books) and just recently decided to try and pick it back up again. My question really, I think is a matter of terminology. I am an expert batch file writer, and I have alot of batch files that I want to "convert" into executables. But I want to do it programmatically. How do I begin writing command line utilities that work in a Windows (NT/2000) environment? What do I need to research to be able to do things such as remote administration, service management, IP related functions, etc? Any input would be greatly appreciated, I just need to be pointed in the right direction ...

    Thank you.

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    could start here or get a good book . Once you have the basics of c++ down solid then you can think about the other things you want to do. Once its time to start learning programming for windows start with this book . That will give you a grounding in the api and then you are ready for this . Good luck.
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