Thread: Opinions on where to start?

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    Opinions on where to start?

    Hey, I'd like to introduce myself as I'm new here. You can all call me whatever you want if you choose to call me anything. I'm a very novice programmer as of now. The reson for this post is simple. I'd like your opinions on good reading materials, advice, etc. for a beginning C++ programmer.

    My experience is very limited. I am familiar with HTML, not too big of an accomplishment. I am also on a good level with VB6 (again not something I'm incredibly proud of) and I can make the simplest of C++ programs.

    My question here is this: Should a beginner start out with basic C++ or would it be fine to begin at Windows programming? I push myself very hard in things so either way I am up to meet the challenge, I just want to know what would be better to begin with.

    Another thing... If any of you can recommend books that helped you or others learn the language, feel free to say so. I'd greatly appreciate it, any help at all. So thanks in advance.

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    Stick with console programs until you feel VERY comfortable with the idea of loops, classes, functions, header files/accompanying cpp files, the pre-processor, pointers, passing by <array/value/reference>, the STL, etc.

    Once you think you have the basics of C++ programming down, solidly, move on to the higher level concepts such as inheritance, templating, and virtual functions.

    Now, you don't need all that for Windows programming, so if you have the basics down and want to jump into Windows programming, go ahead. This is just my 2cp on what you should do to be an effective and good programmer.

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    I think the general consensus is that one should learn the basics of C++ and programming before they start working with Windows APIs.

    Being able to make resizeable boxes is nice, but not as nice as being able to compute something and/or make a working program, right?

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    I think you will be utterly confused doing windows programming with the MFC without a very good handle on C++, and I think beginning C++ takes a long time to learn. The MFC allows you to do windows programming using C++ instead of it's native C, which eliminates a lot of the drudgery.

    As for books:

    1) rigorous: "Ivor Horton's Beginning C++"
    2) less rigorous: "Sam's Teach Yourself C++ in 21 weeks"
    3) easier overview: "C++ A Beginner's Guide" (Herbert Schildt)

    Depending on how much time you want to devote to studying C++ and how rigorous a treatment of the language you want, get one of those books. I would go to a bookstore and look through them and read sections of each one, and see which one appeals to you.

    If your goal is windows programming, you might want to consider "Ivor Horton's Beginning Visual C++ 6", which starts off with a 12 chapter overview of C++, and the second half of the book is on windows programming with the MFC.
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