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    Looking for a compiler

    Which is the best. I've used microsoft visual c++ and borland c++ 3 but they can't compile some of the things I've found on this site.
    I'm thinking about buying borland 5. Is it worth it? 100$ is a lot of money for me.

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    There are links to a number of free compilers in the FAQ.

    However, if you cannot compile something you have seen here with VC++ or Borland, then I think you may have a different problem. What can't you compile with VC++ for example?
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    For example when I try to compile the snaker game found source section I get a bunch of errors.

    error: unable to open fie 'rw/rwstderr_macros.h'
    erroe: Declare operator delete (void*)
    error: Declaration missing ;
    Just to mention some of them.

    I've been told that it's because of the compiler.

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