Thread: Can someone please explain this?

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    Can someone please explain this?

    Hi, I've been learning how to create DLL's for mIRC recently, and I saw this in the help file:

    int __stdcall (*UnloadDll)(int mTimeout);
    I'm new to creating DLL's, I can create them and everything, but I dont know too much to do with them, so what do the brackets around UnloadDll mean? This has gotten me totally and utterly confused. I cant seem to pull my head around this one. Any explanations would be greatly appreciated.


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    UnloadDll is a pointer to a function. That function takes an int parameter (which will get used as a timeout if the parameter name is accurate), and it will return an int.

    The __stdcall is a compiler specific extension to help it figure out the right thing to do when calling across language boundaries (its called a calling convention).
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