Thread: Oh nos!!1 Where did that compiler go!

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    Oh nos!!1 Where did that compiler go!

    Well, I have been out of the programming loop for some time. I have picked up an interest once again but I have a dilmema. No compiler.

    At one point I had MSVC 6.0 and that worked beutifully. However, upon searching Microsofts site I can't seem to find it. I can only find VC++ .net...will this suffice for my basic programming needs or do I need to search further or possibly a 3rd party site in order to buy the other compiler? I ahbe read debates about what exactly .net is and honestly I think it would be easier for me to stick with MSVC 6.0 since I can't seem to find anything clear on .net whether its good or just causes a headache.

    If any of you can find a place to buy MSVC 6.0 that would be great, or the C++ .net going to be the same thing and/or better?

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    If you plan on doing a lot of Windows-specific programming, then you're going to notice some differences.

    If you're just doing console programming, however, either will suffice, but in that case I'd recommend taking a look at a free compiler/IDE like Dev-C++.

    For more information on compilers, you can search the board.

    "The computer programmer is a creator of universes for which he alone is responsible. Universes of virtually unlimited complexity can be created in the form of computer programs." -- Joseph Weizenbaum.

    "If you cannot grok the overall structure of a program while taking a shower, you are not ready to code it." -- Richard Pattis.

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    I am planning on doing a variety of programming mostly to make me more versatile and have a better understanding of how the language and compiler works at a higher end...not just Hello World programs.

    I will most likely get into graphics and indeed some windows programming.

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    The programs you wrote for 6.0 should compile on .NET debates about what exactly .net is...
    I think Microsoft is (or was) confused about what .net is!

    1- Mainly, its a product/brand name. At some point Microsoft started adding .NET to all of their product names. They actually backed-off when they couldn't explain what Windows Server.NET meant!

    The new .NET version of Visual C++ should compile the programs you wrote for V6.0... Well, once you get it configured and figured-out. Visual C++ seems to get more standard-compliant with every release, so the newer one should be better. You can download Visual C++ Express Beta FREE. Or, you can buy the standard version of Visual C++ .NET 2003 for $100.

    2- The .NET compiler can (optionally) create managed code. Like Java, the managed code is compiled at run-time. This is supposed to be a big deal when Longhorn comes out 2025?

    FYI - The Dev-C++ package can make Windows programs.

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    Awsome...I am currently downloading MSV C++ Express. Now to do a few excersizes to get my mind program oriented again and figure out what I want to do from there.

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