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    Unhappy class design and operation overload

    I have to design a class that represents units of money. There have to be 8 methods or functions within the class. Methods and arguments should be const when it is possible, and the class data should be private. I am supposed to use either 2 integers or a single float to represent units of money. He supplied a header file and it contains this:

    cout << "Enter two money amounts as doubles: ";
    cin >> m1 >> m2;

    cout << "Money object m1 is " << m1 << endl;
    cout << "Money object m2 is " << m2 << endl << endl;

    if (m1 == m2)
    cout << m1 << " equals " << m2 << endl;

    if (m1 != m2)
    cout << m1 << " does not equal " << m2 << endl;

    if (m1 < m2)
    cout << m1 << " is less than " << m2 << endl;

    if (m1 > m2)
    cout << m1 << " is greater than " << m2 << endl;

    cout << endl;

    cout << "The sum of " << m1 << " and " << m2 << " is " << m1+m2 << endl;

    money m3 = 5.95 + m2;
    cout << "Adding $5.95 to " << m2 << " yields " << m3 << endl;

    These are the 8 functions I believe I need to include, but I am not sure.

    If anyone knows anything about this, or can help me at all, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.

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    Here is a quick break down.
    #ifndef MONEY_HPP
    #define MONEY_HPP
    class Money
        friend ostream &operator<<(ostream Out, const Money &myMoney);
        friend istream &operator>>(istream &In, const Money &myMoney);
        friend Money &operator+(const double &RH, const Money &LH);
        virtual ~Money();
        bool operator==(const Money &myMoney) const;
        bool operator!=(const Money &myMoney) const;
        bool operator>(const Money &myMoney) const;
        bool operator<(const Money &myMoney) const;
        Money &operator=(const Money &myMoney);
        Money &operator+(const Money &myMoney);
        float ftMyMoney;
    #endif        // MONEY_HPP
    You should be able to build from there.

    By the way, if you plan on doing addition with a double as the left-hand operand, then you will need at least nine overloaded functions as I have shown. I assume you have at least a basic understanding of operator overloading. If you do not understand this code then go back to the books, there are plenty of tutorials out there that you can reference.

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