Thread: converting chars to ascii equivilant

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    Question converting chars to ascii equivilant

    How do I convert characters (in arrays and strings) to its respective ascii value. I want to do that so I can encrypt some variables for a save file, to prevent tampering(or at least not useful tampering). Thanks.

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    how do you think they are stored in memory??

    as characters?
    remember computers only understand numbers!
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    And the FAQ is here :-

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    Stoned_Coder is right.

    But for knowledge sake, use the stty raw echo command. Get the input and the raw echo will convert it to hex.

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    void main(){
       char input;
       system("stty raw -echo");
       printf("This program is designed to convert characters into hex"
          " value\n\r");
       printf("Press q at any time to quit this program");
       while(input != 'q'){
          printf("\n\rPlease enter a character:");
          scanf("%c", &input);
          printf("\n\rChahrater entered:	%c", input);
          printf("\n\rHexidecimal value:	%x", input);
          printf("\n\n\rPress q at any time to quit this program");
       printf("\n\r\n\rThank you\n\r");
          system("stty -raw echo");
    This is just a little C that I put together for Just to test that conversion works......printf. Object oriented is pretty much the same way.

    But this will not make anything secure!!!

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    Or you could use itoa

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