Thread: quick question about creating a matrix using the new operator

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    Unhappy quick question about creating a matrix using the new operator


    Please can anyone tell me why when I run this program, I am getting memory fault error..

          1 #include<iostream>
          2 using namespace std;
          3 int main()
          4 {
          7         int** M;
          8          M= new int* [5];
          9         for(int i=0; i<5; i++)
         11                 for(int j=0; j<5; j++)
         12                 M[i][j]=5;
         15         for(int k=0; k<5; k++)
         16                 for(int m=0; m<5; m++)
         17                         cout<<M[k][m];
         18          return 0;
         19 }
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    Because you write in memory you didn't allocate.
    Probably this is what you want. Notice the difference?
    using namespace std;
    int main()     
          int i,j;
          int** M;
          M= new int* [5];
          for(i=0; i<5; i++)
                  M[i]= new int [5];
          for(i=0; i<5; i++)     
                   for(j=0; j<5; j++)
         for(int k=0; k<5; k++,cout<<endl)
                 for(int m=0; m<5; m++)
                         cout<<M[k][m]<<" ";
         return 0;
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    This line:

    M= new int* [5]

    creates an array filled with int pointers:

    [int*, int*, int*, int*, int*]

    There are five elements, and you can access each element like this:

    M[0], M[1], M[2], etc.

    Now, what is M[0][2]? M is a single dimensional array, so there is no second index.

    What you need to do is dynamically create 5 arrays of type int and assign each one to a pointer in M[]. After you do that, the notation M[0][1] will first access the pointer at index position 0 in M[]:

    (M[0]) [1]

    and since M[0] points to an array of ints, the second index specified will access the int at position 1:

    (M[0]) [1]
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    And don't forget to free your memory up afterwards using delete [].

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