Thread: using cin and strings

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    using cin and strings

    I am writing a program where the user needs to input a string. The problem is that the first word in the string always gets cut off and a space stays. Here is my code:

    //a class has been created and a new variable called var is also present
    //name is of type string
    while(selection != 0){
    	//some menu display
    	cout<<"Please choose an action: ";
    	    case 1:
                   cout<<"Name: ";
    		getline(cin, name);
    	    //some other cases down here
    for example, if I enter name John Doe, then the String name contains " Doe" instead of the whole name. How can I fix my code to fix this?


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    Get rid of the 'cin >> name' line.

    That line assigns the string 'John' to name, but then when you use getline it writes over the top of it with ' Doe', therefore the string name then contains ' Doe'.

    At least that's what it looks like to me :P

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    thanks for the quick reply

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    After you make that fix, be careful when mixing operator >> and getline. The newline in the stream from the 'cin >> selection' will cause the getline call to put nothing into the name field. You have to ignore() the newline character after the cin >> call.

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