Thread: A compiling question

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    A compiling question

    Does evreyone know what the worst and best compilers are?

    I have the bloodshed dev C++ which is pretty good

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    Do a search of the board. This question has been answered countless times.

    Really, though, you've got a fine compiler and IDE already.

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    What's the criteria to determine the Worst compiler? Doesn't compile c++ code, crashes on start-up?, forces you to type the source code in backwards :-)

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    What's the criteria to determine the Worst compiler?
    Compiles a different language.

    In reality, GCC (the actual compiler that comes with Dev-C++) is a very fine compiler that is in very wide use (on many platforms and even for commercial development).
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    I'm pretty sure Miracle-C comes pretty close to being the worst.
    Dev-C++ is certainly up amongst the best, without spending huge $$$
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    I think bloodshed dev C++ complier is great, if you are looking for different compliers.

    try this link.

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