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    I just posted like few second ago i know. i'm sorry about that but i have one more major question. in my programs i use cin.ignore(); a lot i was wondring if in the beganining of the program i could write som ething like #define cin.ignore(): = done; ? because i'm kind of geting tired of writteing all that. i learned that #define are varibles that are used all over the program not just in on section of code or something like that. if this is not true could someone point me in the right direction :-D


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    in my programs i use cin.ignore(); a lot

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    >in my programs i use cin.ignore(); a lot
    Then you're likely not doing proper input as you should. I imagine that you use ignore to clear junk from the stream that you left from your last request for input. It's generally best to take input as an entire line so that you can keep the stream clean and parse the input at your leisure.

    And you should also avoid #define in C++ until you're experienced enough to know when to use it. Or more importantly, that there are better options most of the time.
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    Echo the advice given above, but in future, if you find yourself doing a routine quite often, you can group that routine into a separate function or loop, and use those constructs instead. In this case, easiest just to use the hot keys for copy and paste, don't you think?

    Also, I suggest you use more descriptive subject titles, as advised in the forum guidelines (

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    writing 'done' isn't realy much less then writing 'cin.ignore();' but you would create such a defination like this.
    #define done cin.ignore();

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