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    Binary Copy

    If I had this...
    struct PointType
       int x;
       int y;
    struct RectangleType
       PointType topLeft;
       PointType extent;
    ...and this...
    struct RCType
       int Col;
       int Row;
       int Cols;
       int Rows;
    ...could I safely binary copy one over to the other?...
    RectangleType Rect = { { 4, 2 }, { 40, 24 } };
    RCType RC = *( (RCType*)&Rect );
    It seems like it should work, but I don't know how the compiler organizes structures.

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    Its actually quite simple:

    You don't. Reason being is that the compiler is allowed to make some adjustments that would screw up any bitwise (not binary) operations.

    Best method would be to write a constructor that took in two points and made a rectangle out of them.

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