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    Exclamation Compiler Error with script

    I tried compileing this script:
    #include <windows.h>
     * This function is a wrapper for the shell function SHMessageBoxCheck.
     * See the documentation for SHMessageBoxCheck at:
     * The ordinals were provided by a usenet post:
    int MessageBoxCheck(HWND hwnd, LPCTSTR pszText, LPCTSTR pszTitle, UINT uType, int iDefault, LPCTSTR pszRegVal)
    	HMODULE hShlwapi          = NULL; 
    	PSHMBC  shMessageBoxCheck = NULL;
    	int     retValue          = -1;
    	WORD    ordinalSHMBC      = (sizeof(TCHAR) == sizeof(WCHAR) ? 191 : 185);
    	hShlwapi = LoadLibrary(TEXT("shlwapi.dll"));
    	if (hShlwapi)
    		shMessageBoxCheck = (PSHMBC) GetProcAddress(hShlwapi, (LPCSTR) ordinalSHMBC);
    		if (shMessageBoxCheck)
    			/* For some reason SHMessageBoxCheck seems to require that the thread has a
    			 * message queue to work correctly. So we call PeekMessage to force the
    			 * creation of a message queue. */
    			MSG msg; PeekMessage(&msg, NULL, 0, 0, PM_NOREMOVE);
    			retValue = shMessageBoxCheck(hwnd, pszText, pszTitle, uType, iDefault, pszRegVal);
    	return retValue;
     * Sample showing how to use MessageBoxCheck.
     * Note: You must provide a new guid before using this code in a distributed program.
    int main(void)
    	if (-1 == MessageBoxCheck( NULL, TEXT("Your computer is broken."), TEXT("Warning"),
    	                           MB_OK | MB_ICONEXCLAMATION, IDOK,
    	                           TEXT("{D85055F7-4AD0-49d9-9686-35F5A53B2233}") ))
    		/* If our checked box message box failed, show an ordinary message box. */
    		MessageBox(NULL, TEXT("Your computer is broken."), TEXT("Warning"),
    		           MB_OK | MB_ICONEXCLAMATION);
    But an error came up.
    ISO C++ forbids declaration of 'PSHMBC' with no type
    Why is it doing this?
    I am using "Dev-C++" compiler.

    Thanks in advance, August.

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    Sorry, I really have no idea. The code looks fine to me, maybe the error means that you need to declare something before you use the PSHMBC, like to use cout you need the "#include<iostream>" Hope that helps.

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    PSHMBC shMessageBoxCheck = NULL;
    Perhaps? Although I'm not sure that's what the error message was referring to. It's probably syntactic. I too cannot find it.
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    Because M$ header files are so riddled with #defines which may or may not apply in any given case, it's really hard to figure out what the compiler is actually seeing from this statement.

    g++ -E hello.cpp -o hello.i
    This allows you to see the code the compiler actually sees (after all files have been included, and all #defines expanded etc). The produced file is quite large, and right at the end will be your code.
    Look at the typedef again, and decide whether it's correct or not (or post it's expanded version here).
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    Do I put that code in the linker?

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