Thread: pointer to an array in a structure

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    pointer to an array in a structure

    Hi Guys!
    I need some guidance. How do I allocate a dynamic array in a structure? I am doing something like this

    struct strArray {
    	int size;
    	int position;
    	int *byteArray;
    And then initializing array like this

    int i = 32;
    strArray *source;
    strArray src;
    source = & src;
    source->byteArray = new int[i];
    But when I used boundschecker to detect memory leaks (the program compiles and runs fine) I get a memory leak statement on

    source->byteArray = new int[i];
    I am assuming I am doing something wrong here, because i then assign values to this array like

    source->byteArray[0] = 30;
    Again, any help and any comments on my style etc will be greatly appreciated as I am just starting out in this.

    Thanks in advance


    I have searched online and any link on a thread or online reference that will answer my question will also be helpful.

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    Well until you do
    delete [] source->byteArray;
    Boundschecker will think it is still in use, and if you've exited the program then that's a memory leak.
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    yup, that works!! thanks Salem! I sometimes think there are no bounds to human (my) stupidity But I console myself saying that i feel same way when I am starting out on new stuff and ask questions to experts. Thanks again!


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