Thread: const void* problem

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    const void* problem

    Hi there!

    I'd like to use a Comm Port object. It has a Write function, which has two variable inputs. One is a const void*, the other is an int.

    The const void* is the variable sent out via a comport, and the int is the length of the characters to send.

    My question is: How can I make a const void* from a simple AnsiString?


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    Should be a simple matter of casting. Something like this:

    char myString[200];
    string myString2;
    // do stuff
    const void* constVoidString = (const void*)myString;
    const void* constVoidString2 = (const void*)myString2.c_str();

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    You don't have to cast a pointer when assigning to a void*, only when you are going from a void* to a typed pointer

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    I forgot about the brackets It's been awhile since I did things like this

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