Thread: calling a function??

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    calling a function??

    Hi all,
    I'm a rookie when it comes to C but I'm learning. I was wondering if someone can give me advice on my code? I'm trying to write a function that receives from the calling program the length and width of a room in decimal feet. The function should then caculate and return the number of square yards in the room.

    I would like my main program to prompt for the dimensions of the room in decimal feet and the cost of a yard of carpet. Then, I would like to display both the number of yards needed and the total cost of the carpet.

    I think I have my code in my function mixed up with the code in my main program. I didn't totally finish because I'm at this roadblock. Please, this is probably basic to some, but I'm just starting out. Thanks in advance for any advice. Here is my code:

    #include <iostream.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    double room(double length, width, yds)
    return yds;
    int main()
    double length, width, cost, total;
    cout<<"Enter the width of the room:";
    cout<<"Enter the length of the room:";
    cout<<"Enter the cost of a yard of carpet:";

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    double room(double length, double width, double yds)
    return yds=9/(length*width);
    total = room(length, width, yds) * cost;
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    I think you need to read up on how to use functions and how to properly syntax them.

    I have given you a code for a simple function which calculates the square of a given number.

    You should be able to read through and adapt it to meet the needs of your specific program.

    #include <iostream>
    //function declaration
    //always before int main()
    //semi colon needed.
    //If more than one variable is used
    //separate them with a comma
    int square(float);
    using namespace std;
    int main()
        float number;
        cout<<"Enter a number:";
        // call the function 'square' passing in the variable 'number'
        // into it. Here you don't need to define its type
        //semicolon needed
        cout<<"Press any key to exit"<<endl;
        char pause;
    //function definition
    //here you have to declare what type the variable is
    //Here the semi colon is ommitted.
    int square(float number)
        cout<<"The number squared was"<<number*number<<endl;

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